At Insight PA Cyber Charter School, our K through 12 students are never alone in their educational journey. At our online school, which is tuition-free for all Pennsylvania families, we believe in the power of personalized support, even in the digital realm, where connections transcend physical boundaries. Whether your student has a question about their schedule, needs additional support outside of their school day, or is simply in need of a friendly voice, know that they (and your family) are never alone. Here’s who has your back at Insight PA: 

Imagine a school where every family has their own team of regional contacts who know who they are, understand where they are coming from, and are there to offer assistance every step of the way. That’s the essence of our Learner Engagement and Attendance Program (LEAP). 

Our LEAP Specialists are our students’ and families’ first points of contact. They check in with our students regularly, help them navigate our online learning systems, and celebrate their achievements both virtually and in-person through home visits and at our community events. Our LEAP Specialists understand that students thrive when they feel seen and heard, and when they know they have someone they can go to if they need help.

Support continues at Insight PA with our team of Student Resource Specialists (SRSs), who provide personalized and regional assistance and support when needed. These dedicated professionals work tirelessly to connect our families with resources in their local communities. No matter what part of the state our families live in, our SRSs can help them access supports that remove barriers to education. Our Student Resource Specialists understand that students thrive when they feel safe and have their basic needs met.

At Insight PA, we act quickly and are proactive in partnering with every student. Our team of Student Attendance Specialists (SASs) promotes regular attendance and works to address potential barriers before they become issues. They work with families and other members or our staff to create Student Attendance Improvement Plans (SAIPs) and help our students get back on track. Our Student Attendance Specialists understand that our students thrive when they are able to attend school regularly.

At Insight PA, support is a commitment. We believe in the power of community, the strength of connection, and the endless possibilities that come from lifting each other up. At Insight PA, we’re here with you, every step of the way. Learn more about our exciting programs and enroll today.

About Insight PA

Insight PA is an engaged, connected learning community serving K through 12 students across the state of Pennsylvania. Our tuition-free (for families) online public school offers a personalized and flexible learning experience, options from dual enrollment to career pathway programs, removing barriers to education, and giving every student the opportunity to learn in a supportive, engaging environment. We offer a curriculum that is comprehensive, compelling, and representative of our diverse community so that students are motivated to learn. Insight PA students become strong problem solvers, critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and responsible citizens, developing the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to pursue their goals and achieve their full potential. Join us — We’re now enrolling!