At Insight PA Cyber Charter School, we’re dedicated to guiding students through a comprehensive career exploration journey, spanning from elementary to high school. Let’s explore how career exploration unfolds at different educational levels.

Career Exploration for Elementary Students

Career Development is an integral part of every child’s education. Exploring their self and career awareness encourages purpose and meaning, while enhancing the self-direction and hope of young minds. Early career and skill development also enable more harmonious curricular, postsecondary and future career plans.

At Insight PA Cyber Charter we believe that this educational process guides students’ future decisions by allowing them to discover their strengths and weaknesses, as well as what they enjoy doing outside of school time. Students in 3rd grade begin exploring career activities in Smart Futures.

Career Education for Middle School

Students in middle school are provided a focus on career exploration as an opportunity to gain early exposure and experience in career areas in which they may have an interest or want to pursue. This exposure helps to better position their future to make informed decisions about the specialized programs available to them in 9th grade here at Insight PA.

At Insight PA Cyber Charter students in 6th-7th grade continue career readiness in activities in Smart Futures that provide curricular programs in career research and goal setting. By 8th grade students explore their interests in a Career Exploration course that builds their interests into an individualized career that helps shape decisions for high school career and technical education (CTE) pathways with the ultimate goal for every 8th grader to have a course plan that’s unique to their journey.

Students also have opportunities to attend Annual Career Fairs and join Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) such as ESports and the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

Career and Technical Education in High School

Our Career and Technical Education (CTE) program provides an engaging, academically rigorous, and career-focused coursework through programs of study (POS) in a variety of content areas. This personalized education provides a roadmap for students to navigate educational options and prepare them to successfully transition into post-secondary education, careers, or both. In addition to CTE courses, students will gain real-world experience, employability skills, and have the opportunity to compete in Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) such as Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and Future Health Professionals (HOSA).