As students progress to the middle school level, they continue their standards-based study of core subjects while also delving deeper into their interests. Middle school is a time of growth and exploration, where students begin to develop more independent study skills and take ownership of their learning.

Teen girl participates in online school with her laptopStudents in grades 6-8 follow a well-rounded curriculum covering English Language Arts, Mathematics, History, and Science, all led by certified teachers. Alongside these core subjects, students engage in quarterly synchronous electives, including Physical Education, Health, Computer Science, and Family Consumer Science. Additionally, eighth-grade students have the opportunity to explore careers in a separate elective. The middle school employs a team approach where possible, fostering collaboration among teachers. Our instruction aligns meticulously with PA State Standards, and students and parents/learning coaches can easily access course materials, class recordings, and grades through our learning management system. Beyond academics, students develop social and emotional skills through Homeroom, sessions with school counselors, virtual after-school clubs, and various social opportunities taking place statewide.

Middle school students attend live sessions for each of their courses. Students are expected to be present and engaged in each lesson. Engagement opportunities include the use of microphones, webcams, and chat function in the online classroom. Students are also expected to engage with external educational programs as determined by their teachers.

Our middle school teachers provide additional support to students as needed through study hall, What I Need (WIN) sessions, asynchronous communication, and after school tutoring. 

Teenage girl sitting at the table at home attending online classes on portable information device

Academic Highlights: