Title I

What is Title I?

Title I, Part A of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), is a federal program that provides financial assistance to schools. This funding is used to provide additional academic support and learning opportunities for students at schools with high percentages of economically disadvantaged children. The program is intended to help ensure that all students meet or exceed challenging state academic standards.

The goals of Title I are to:

  • Increase academic achievement
  • Provide direct instructional support to students
  • Provide professional development for teachers
  • Promote parent and family education and engagement

Insight PA Cyber Charter School is dedicated to providing academic support and enrichment to all students. Insight PA operates a schoolwide Title program, which allows all students to take part in any Title I initiative, regardless of the family’s economic status.

Parent and Family Engagement

Insight PA believes that Parent and Family Engagement is of paramount importance to student success. Every Title I school, in collaboration with parents, must prepare a school level Parent and Family Engagement policy. The Parent and Family Engagement Policy describes how the school will involve families in an organized, ongoing, and timely way, in the planning, review, and improvement of the Title I program at their school.

*The links below will open combined PDF files that include these documents in English, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic.

Other Title Programs

In addition to Title I, Insight PA participates in additional Title programs:

Title II, A: Preparing, training, and recruiting high quality teachers and principals

Title III: Language instruction for English learners and immigrant students

Title IV: Student support and academic enrichment

Other Federal Funding

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

IDEA funds are appropriated by Congress and are intended to support early intervention and special education services for infants, toddlers, children, and youth with disabilities and their families.

Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funds (ESSER)

The Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER) was established as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act in March 2020. CARES provided direct funding to states and districts to address the impact COVID-19 has had, and continues to have, on elementary and secondary schools across the nation. In December 2020, ESSER II was created through enactment of the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSA). As with the initial ESSER Fund established by the CARES Act, the core purpose of the ESSER II Fund is to provide direct money to states and districts to address the areas most impacted by the disruption and closure of schools caused by COVID-19. In March 2021, The American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER) Fund was enacted. ARP ESSER provides direct aid to states and districts to help safely reopen and sustain the safe operation of schools and address the impact of COVID-19 on schools.

Insight PA’s ARP ESSER Health and Safety Plan

Section 2001(i)(1) of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act requires each local education agency (LEA) that receives funding under the ARP Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund to develop and make publicly available on the LEA’s website a Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan, or Health and Safety Plan.

Insight PA’s Use of ARP ESSER Funds

The American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (“ARP ESSER”) Fund requires that each LEA that receives ARP ESSER funds must develop and make publicly available on the LEA’s website, a plan for the LEA’s use of ARP ESSER funds. These requirements are intended to promote accountability, transparency, and the effective use of funds.

If you have suggestions, questions, or concerns about any of the Federal Programs at Insight PA, please contact Johanna Best, Director of Reporting and Compliance at jbest@insightpa.org