Insight PA offers many Related Services per a student’s Individualized Education Plan or 504 plan, in order for them to benefit from general education. Insight PA offers services via tele-health or in person depending on student need.  The following list is some of the services offered, although not an exhaustive list.

Counseling Services– School based services assisting students in addressing issues that may interfere with their educational success. Communication with families and classroom teachers related to student behavior and classroom management. School counselors can assist students with mental health and post-secondary education planning.

Speech and Language Services– Assisting students who have speech, language or hearing issues that impact their communication and success in classroom activities, social interactions with peers and teachers, literacy and overall learning.

Occupational Therapy services– Assist students in completion of classroom assignments, sensory processing/diet, fine and gross motor skills that impedes a students access to the general education setting. Assists students who have a difficult time with visual-perceptual skills, such as tracking text when reading so as not to skip words or lines. Helps students develop peer relationships.

Physical Therapy Services– Assist students who have issues with mobility or gross motor skills, such as running, jumping, galloping, and hopping, which can negatively affect their success within a classroom. Work with students to ensure they can participate in their educational setting and participate in classroom activities.

Social Work ServicesPartnership between family, school, and community to best support student with issues that impact their success within the classroom.

Other services offered are– Teacher of the Visually or Hearing impaired, social skills services, behavior therapy, orientation and mobility, psychological services, and many others.