Transitioning into High School, our students prepare for the next steps in their academic journey, whether it be pursuing a four-year university, entering a local community college, or embarking on a career path. Each student develops a Graduation Plan in collaboration with our High School staff. This keeps them on track as they pursue academic and career opportunities.

eenage boy with headphones and laptop having online school class at homeIn our rigorous academic program, high school students actively participate in hands-on learning, engage with grade-level content, complete coursework involving writing or research projects, and solve problems that demand analytical thinking. In Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses, students take their learning further by evaluating and synthesizing information, demonstrating advanced writing skills, and participating in honors projects. AP courses offer a unique and challenging opportunity to mimic a college/university course, and students often can, with a passing score on the corresponding AP exam, skip the corresponding introductory college-level course and earn college credit. Through pre-apprenticeship programs and career education pathways, students also have the opportunity to gain a head start on a successful career in various fields. (Visit our HS Career Education Page to learn more!)

Pennsylvania certified and highly qualified teachers provide differentiated, subject-specific instruction in daily live class sessions. Teachers and support staff provide both synchronous and asynchronous support to students as needed. Additionally, for students working ahead in a more independent environment, teachers will evaluate and monitor progress and mastery of content and offer synchronous sessions for enrichment. Students have 24-hour access to all course materials, assignments, and resources through our learning management system.

Student learning at home

Through our College in the High School program, students can take college-level courses taught by our Insight PA teachers and earn college credit. In cases of course failure or credit deficiency, credit recovery courses will also be made available to students who need an opportunity to catch up or make up credits. Students can discuss options with their school counselor if they have concerns or issues with their Credit Recovery courses. Not all courses will be available as credit recovery courses and credit recovery options may require students to work more independently with scheduled times for teacher support.

Academic Highlights: