Elementary School Counseling at Insight PA

At Insight PA Elementary School, our counseling team is dedicated to helping our K-5 students build the skills and confidence needed to excel academically and personally. Our dedicated counselors accompany students through each grade, fostering trust and lasting relationships during these crucial formative years.

Counselor Connection

Each week, our elementary students participate in live grade-specific Counselor Connection sessions designed to foster engagement and interaction beyond regular classes. These sessions cover diverse social-emotional topics using the PurposeFull People curriculum, emphasizing monthly character traits such as respect, responsibility, gratitude, empathy, perseverance, honesty, cooperation, courage, and creativity. These whole-group counseling lessons create a unique opportunity for students to connect with their peers and explore essential values.

Check your class schedule to find out when your Counselor Connection is scheduled.

Small Group Counseling

Elementary students have the opportunity to participate in Small Group Counseling sessions, the topics of which are determined by the results of our SEL Screener. These groups provide a supportive environment for students with similar needs, addressing Coping Skills, Regulation, Self-Management, and Social Skills. These sessions offer valuable support to students, fostering a proactive approach to addressing their social-emotional needs.

Individual Counseling

Sometimes, students need more personalized support. Our counselors are available for one-on-one sessions through scheduled virtual meetings. 

Individual counseling is typically short-term and provided on an as-needed basis. If more extensive counseling support would be beneficial, we will collaborate with you to make a referral to a local mental health professional.