Insight PA is an exciting K-12 tuition-free, public online school choice for students throughout Pennsylvania. We empower our students to develop essential life skills from growth mindsets to self-advocacy to problem-solving and critical thinking. Building on our strong K-12 academic foundations, we equip our students to pursue their life goals with confidence and endless curiosity.

We Empower Students to Engage

Insight PA fosters a vibrant and engaging learning environment that encourages community building and connections. We provide numerous opportunities for students to learn collaboratively, and benefit from the collective wisdom of their peers. Yes, our students spend their school days in different spaces. But don’t think any Insight PA student is an island unto themselves. It’s actually quite the opposite.

We Empower Students to Learn

Insight PA removes barriers to education so that every student can learn in a supportive, engaging environment. Our curriculum is comprehensive and representative of our diverse community and allows us to connect our students with their personal interests and passions. Additionally, our students receive dedicated support from a team of committed staff and teachers who are deeply invested in their success.

We Empower Students to Succeed

Success takes on different forms for each student, and we understand and embrace that diversity and individuality. Our school is fully committed to providing every child with the necessary tools, support, and encouragement to achieve their personal definition of success. Whether a student’s next step is college, a career, or another pathway, Insight PA offers an inclusive environment that empowers all Pennsylvania students to realize their maximum potential.

Families that choose Insight PA gain access to an amazing community that provides valuable connections, offers top notch academics, and has the flexibility to meet individual needs of students. By enrolling your student in our statewide online public school your family will discover all of these benefits and more.