At Insight PA, we are committed to comprehensive education, including career readiness and skill-building in elementary through high school. Our K-12 online school, tuition-free for families, uses a multifaceted approach to seamlessly transition from early career exploration to specialized high school programs, ensuring students are well-equipped for future endeavors.

Elementary School

In the formative years of elementary school at Insight PA, we embed career development as a vital component of each child’s education. Grounded in the belief that fostering early self-awareness and purpose imbues learning with meaning, our approach empowers young minds with self-direction and hope for the future. From 3rd grade onward, students engage in career activities through the Smart Futures platform, discovering academic interests and connecting with personal strengths, weaknesses, and extracurricular passions.

Middle School

Students in middle school are provided a focus on career exploration as an opportunity to gain early exposure and experience in career areas in which they may have an interest or want to pursue. This exposure helps to better position their future to make informed decisions about the specialized programs available to them in 9th grade here at Insight PA.

At Insight PA Cyber Charter students in 6th-7th grade continue career readiness in activities in Smart Futures that provide curricular programs in career research and goal setting. By 8th grade students explore their interests in a Career Exploration course that builds their interests into an individualized career that helps shape decisions for high school career and technical education (CTE) pathways with the ultimate goal for every 8th grader to have a course plan that’s unique to their journey.

High School

High school marks the pinnacle of our students’ educational journey, where they can opt for CTE programs (Career Technical Education) in Business Management, Healthcare Professions, or Information Technology. Additional pathways are being developed to align to both the workforce and our students’ career objectives. Personalization is critical, as students choose pathways aligned with their interests, developing a solid knowledge base through varied courses each year that provide real-world experience and essential employability skills.

Beyond traditional coursework, Insight PA Cyber Charter School offers work-based learning opportunities, including Work Experience and Diversified Occupation courses. These allow students to earn high school credit while providing a practical avenue for exploring career objectives and skills. Internships and job shadowing opportunities further enrich the student’s learning experience.

Our commitment to preparing students for the real world extends to industry certifications, which are offered to students free of cost. These certifications, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, CPR, and Pharmacy Technician, align with our CTE courses and enhance students’ employability.

Additionally, Insight PA Cyber Charter School has partnered with Robert Morris University, enabling 11th and 12th graders to participate in our College in the High School Program. This dual credit initiative empowers students to earn both high school and college credits, providing a head start on their academic and professional journey.

In cultivating well-rounded individuals, we recognize the importance of extracurricular involvement. Insight PA is an official Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) virtual chapter in Region 29, and students have the opportunity to engage with organizations like HOSA, empowering future health professionals.

At Insight PA Cyber Charter School, our commitment goes beyond academic excellence. We strive to nurture students proficient in their chosen fields and equipped with the skills and confidence to excel in a dynamic and evolving professional landscape. Enroll today to take advantage of all our dynamic programs.

About Insight PA

Insight PA is an engaged, connected learning community serving K through 12 students across the state of Pennsylvania. Our tuition-free (for families) online public school offers a personalized and flexible learning experience, options from dual enrollment to career pathway programs, removing barriers to education, and giving every student the opportunity to learn in a supportive, engaging environment. We offer a curriculum that is comprehensive, compelling, and representative of our diverse community so that students are motivated to learn. Insight PA students become strong problem solvers, critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and responsible citizens, developing the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to pursue their goals and achieve their full potential. Join us — We’re now enrolling!