Dr. Cynthia Estremera Gauthier, known as Dr. Cindy, is the newly appointed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Director at Insight PA Cyber Charter School. With her extensive academic background, activism, and work in various organizations, Dr. Cindy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role at our tuition-free K-12 public cyber school.

Our New Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

As Director of DEI at Insight PA, Dr. Cindy will collaborate with department leaders to create a more equitable and inclusive school culture. Her aim is to ensure that every student feels seen, heard, represented, and included in the learning community.

To Dr. Cindy, diversity, equity, and inclusion are guiding principles. She believes education should be a fundamental human right accessible to all individuals and families. Equity, for her, is both a process and an outcome, where systems should strive to provide equal access and remove barriers for underrepresented communities, including those who identify as Black, indigenous, people of color, LGBTQ+, economically disadvantaged, and other intersecting identities.

Including racial diversity in education is essential to inspire students to dream and see themselves in their learning. Dr. Cindy believes diversity allows us to embrace different perspectives, fostering innovation and creativity. However, it goes beyond representation; the type of diversity she believes is essential is one that actively avoids tokenism in curricula. Intersectionality further enriches the educational experience by highlighting diverse identities related to socioeconomic status, gender, sexuality, citizenship, and disability.

As she acknowledges, the most challenging aspect of her role will be shifting mindsets and confronting biases to serve students better. Insight PA aspires to be anti-racist, and there’s work to be done to integrate anti-racist policies fully into our school’s vision, values, culture, and day-to-day operations. Dr. Cindy believes the most challenging aspect of anti-racism work is supporting individuals who may have caused harm in the past and assisting them in becoming committed to learning and doing better moving forward.

Dr. Cindy’s Background

Holding a Ph.D. in English and Africana Studies, Dr. Cindy specializes in teaching about the Black and Latinx experience in America, Black feminism, identity development, and racism in higher education classrooms. More recently, Dr. Cindy spent six years working as a consultant with various organizations in the Greater Delaware Valley region to identify barriers to racial equity and help implement solutions to transform their structures.

Dr. Cindy’s focus on anti-racism spans from supporting learners and families and building trust in relationships with diverse communities to operational aspects such as organizational development with an equity lens, equitable hiring, workplace wellness, and comprehensive training and policies to minimize harm to others.

Dr. Cindy is a mother to two young boys of color. She resides in Philadelphia and serves as an adjunct faculty member at Moravian University, where she teaches Women and Gender Studies. She is also an advisory board member for The Evoluer House and Serene Consulting. In her free time, Dr. Cindy enjoys writing poetry, running for self-care, and engaging intentionally with her community on issues that deeply impact them.

Insight PA’s DEI Priorities

Insight PA’s commitment to DEI work is evident in our identified priorities. Our school is actively working on inclusive recruitment, hiring, and retaining of staff, educators, and leaders from diverse backgrounds. Through the lens of DEI, we will strive to continually assess our curriculum, make needed changes, and provide professional development to promote culturally responsive teaching. Additionally, creating a culture of belonging that celebrates diverse cultures and raises awareness about multicultural holidays and events is a priority for Insight PA.

Enrollment at Insight PA Cyber Charter School allows students to be part of a community dedicated to these essential principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Join us in this journey to provide an education that is not just a right but a reality for all individuals and families. We look forward to welcoming new students and families who share our vision of a more inclusive and equitable future in education. Together, we can make a difference.

About Insight PA
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